DBE, Inc.

DBE, Inc.

DBE, Inc.

Welcome to Devon Bunker Excavating, Inc.

Our Services:

Site prep - This is how we start your project. We start by removing trees, brush, and stumps, so that we may begin the dirt work. PHOTOS<

Sewer and septic - Devon Bunker Excavating is a licensed septic installer with the state of Minnesota. We are licensed to work in Beltrami County, Hubbard County, and Cass County. PHOTOS

Rock Walls - We hand select our rock to fit the layout of your property. We stack the rock to build a retaining wall or decorative patio area. PHOTOS

Roads and driveways - They are a very critical part of your property. It is very important to have a road or driveway that will hold together in all weather conditions. PHOTOS

Lakeshore restoration - With a permit from the DNR or County, we can build retaining walls to stop the erosion of your shoreline.

Directional drilling - This is the latest technology for installing underground utilities, waterlines, electrical lines, and septic lines with minimal ground disturbance. Call today to see if directional drilling is right for your project. PHOTOS

Fill material - Some projects may need extra dirt to build a slab on grade or maybe the elevation of your basement sticks out of the ground higher than you would like. We can haul fill material in to make the house look like it is set deeper into the land.

Black dirt - We screen all of our black dirt to remove the unwanted debris from it. We can deliver small or large quantities to you. PHOTOS

Lots - Need work done on a lot prior to building? We can help PHOTOS

Class 5 - This is the final material put on the driveway or parking area. We also provide a recycled concrete that may be able to be used to hold your road or parking area together. PHOTOS

Demolition - When a building is no longer needed or is no longer safe for occupancy, Devon Bunker Excavating can remove the building from your property and dispose of it properly. PHOTOS

Geothermal - Save money heating and cooling your house. PHOTOS

Snow plowing - Devon Bunker Excavating does residential and commercial snowplowing and snow removal.

Tower sites - Devon Bunker Excavating does prep work on tower sites. PHOTOS